About Traubenhaus

Have you ever been to Germany and driven the sweeping autobahn highways as they cross rivers, hills and valleys carpeted with the orderly rows of German vineyards? The wide highway lanes are laid out as if to purposefully fill drivers with awe of the German countryside. The sights are especially magnificent when driving through German wine country. It can trigger an interest to learn more that develops into a full-on passion for the unique and wonderful German wine tradition. It will have you exploring deep rustic cellars with master vintners and reading books on German history and modern winemaking. Such an impression turned passion is the exact story of Traubenhaus. The single goal of Traubenhaus is to pass on that experience to fellow Americans in as true a form possible both in the United States and even in Germany for those able to travel with Traubenhaus there.

Traubenhaus formed out of the friendship of Paul Steinbach, Justin Bryan, and Jessica Bryan in August 2012 with the very first discussion. The technical expertise of fellow founder Chris Comfort has made this fantastic website possible and enabled Traubenhaus to reach Americans in their homes everywhere. “Traubenhaus” means a house with lots of grapes and the logo is meant to create an impression of the historic half-timbered houses that populate German wine villages all over the country. Traubenhaus is the fusion of over 35 years of German wine experience, months of study at the German Wine and Sommelier School, and the American spirit of discovery. The members of Traubenhaus understand that the best way to share something you love is to tell someone in person. Please feel free to call or email and you will see the passion that great German wine inspires.