Discover German Wine

Germany is one of the world’s absolute oldest and most distinguished wine producing countries. For various undeserved reasons, German wine lost its high regard in the United States during the 1900s but the recent trend in the U.S. is to fall back in love with the premier wines that come from Germany. Germany is blessed with a unique climate that produces some of the world’s best wines so expressive that they cannot be produced in other countries. Grapes in Germany can ripen slowly due to the cool climate which allows them to retain their crisp acidity as they ripen fully (and even over-fully to create world famous late-harvested wines). Germany is famous for its aromatic and refreshing white varieties, most notably, riesling. You probably already knew that, but you might not know that Germany is also considered Europe’s only premier producer of pinot noir (“spätburgunder”/shpāt-bur-gūn-dur/) outside of France.

German wine laws ensure that German wine is produced naturally and minimally manipulated. German officials even taste test the quality of all German wine before it can be labelled. When you buy Traubenhaus wine, you are buying premier wine made by hand in harmony with nature and tradition.

German winemaking started before the Romans conquered the city of Trier in 30 BC when indigenous celtic tribes known as the Treveri made wine from wild grapes. Modern-style winemaking took root in Germany when the Romans introduced cultivated vineyards and the grape species vitis vinifera that includes the great grape varietals of today. Traubenhaus is your connection to the wine culture of the old world because every Traubenhaus winery produces their wine by the same methods traditional in Germany for centuries. We want you to find the same pleasure in great German wine that compelled us to start this company. Welcome to Traubenhaus!