Privacy Statement

At Traubenhaus, LLC (“Traubenhaus”) we are serious about protecting your privacy because we strive to be a responsible organization in every way possible. For that reason, we do not store any customer credit card information. This privacy statement will hopefully help you understand how we might use the information you provide us. There are different types of information. There is information that another person could use to identify or imitate you (“personal information”) and there is other non-personal information that our website automatically collects in order to enhance your customer experience and better serve you (“non-personal information”). If anything in this statement concerns you please feel free to contact us. We want you to be able to enjoy our great German wine and will work to find a way without causing you to be concerned for your privacy.

Traubenhaus uses various types of information to enable and improve the experience we provide our customers. Traubenhaus uses other non-personal types of information such as general statistics involving things like a user’s internet service provider and type of web browser for that purpose. Traubenhaus has to collect personal information such as names, dates of birth, and addresses to complete orders and comply with applicable laws governing the shipment of alcohol. does not store any credit card information. may place cookies on your computer to keep track of important items such as wines in your shopping cart or help facilitate your browsing. Traubenhaus keeps all personal information private and will only disclose it when required by law or necessary to fulfill its obligations to customers and market its wine and other products (i.e. using an email address in a third party webmail service). In all cases, Traubenhaus will limit the amount of personal information released to the minimal amount necessary/required. Any changes to this statement will be published on If you desire to learn what personal information Traubenhaus has provided to third parties, or have any other questions about this privacy policy please just email Thanks for visiting us at!