Traubenhaus Riesling Sekt Trocken

Bottle Fermented Dry Sparkling Riesling

​This is a sparkling wine (“sekt”) made through bottle fermentation by regarded cellar, Heim’sche Privat Sektkellerei located in Neustadat in the Pfalz. It is dry with vibrant acidity, bright fruit, and the unmistakable brioche from prolonged yeast exposure following its second fermentation. This wine sparkles with energy and invokes the memory of German pastries with green apple and light flakey crust.

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  • Residual Sugar:0.00 g/L
  • Acidity:0.00 g/L
  • Serving Temp:0°F - 0°F
  • Cellaring Potential:
  • A.P. NR:
Traubenhaus Riesling Sekt Trocken